Our company has many years of experience thanks to the ability where we can cooperate with big - governmental and nongovernmental institutions, companies or even small businesses. We can produce products according to your specific ideas and needs.

We have our own development workshop and our technical equipment allows us to respond very flexibly to your needs. Contracts Prepares always with a view to maintaining a high quality of products, quickly and ultimately always reliable. Manufacturers include your logo, made according to your requirements.


  • Thinking about a product that falls within our industry, but on our site you can not find him?
  • Need similar suitcases, bags, cartridge belts and other products sold by us, but in other dimensions?
  • Unsuitable arrangement of our products?
  • Considering a bulk order spisovek, suitcases, dokladovek, bushes or anything else with the logo of your company?
  • You need to put your store control valves to binoculars or packaging for some of your devices?

And you are interested in taking a larger number of pieces?

Tell us your idea and quantity of which you are interested. We will be glad to pay and we will discuss with you the options that we have in terms of production. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your demand!